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Blessings Unleashed
Dana Emmitt-Hall

(270) 670-4000

317 St. A Columbia Ave.
Glasgow, KY 42142

PO Box 1743
Glasgow, KY 42142

Unlocking the Puzzle of Autism by Turning Service Dogs into Heroes

Blessings Unleashed is a relatively new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing service dogs to individuals with autism. It was established by the director, Dana Emmitt-Hall, in 2007 after her son was diagnosed with autism, along with other mothers with autistic children in the Glasgow-Barren County area. They are members of the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners.

The purpose of Blessings Unleashed is to provide trained service dogs to autistic individuals at no cost to them. They train rescue shelter dogs in the immediate and surrounding areas. This means that not only is Blessings Unleashed improving an individual’s life, but they are also saving the life of an animal. They have trained and provided dogs to families with autism throughout the country.

These dogs can save autistic children’s lives. Each dog is individually trained for the specific needs of the recipients. This allows Blessings Unleashed to remain obtaining the goal of preventing autism related wanderings and deaths.

For additional information, please visit Blessings Unleashed or find them on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


  • Improve the quality of life for the individuals and their families on the autism spectrum;
  • To train dogs with safety tasks as an extra measure of security for the individuals;
  • To encourage the development of social skills and empathy in individuals with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) by teaching the person to care and provide for the dog.
Blessings Unleashed service dogs can help a child with Autism by:
  • Increasing the child’s attention and ability to focus in a classroom setting;
  • Creating a sense of safety and security, which leads to anxiety and stress reduction;
  • Providing ample opportunities to engage in communication and practice language skills;
  • Teaching the child/adult empathy towards others;
  • Giving the child/adult independence and confidence by providing unconditional love and support;
  • Blocking, tethering and tracking (trained skills that keep autistic children safe).

Mission Statement

Our commitment is to enrich the lives of individuals with Autism by training and placing highly-skilled service dogs that promote independent living. We accomplish this by properly training select rescue dogs for their future individualized tasks and educating recipients to utilize and care for their assistance dogs.